Frequently Asked Questions

Who are VOWS? 

Volunteers of Warwick Public Schools are also called VOWS. They may be: Parents, Grandparents, Retired Persons, College Students, High School Students, Business People, Community Leaders, Interested Citizens, etc. 

All volunteers agree to serve the students in our schools by adhering to the VOWS structure that has been carefully developed and revised over our thirty-three years of operation. Our volunteers donate their time and skills to help our students and teachers and they perform their volunteer services with the expectation of professional conduct. 

Are there Guidelines for VOWS? 

If you accept an assignment with VOWS, you will be expected to: 

  • All Volunteers are required to have a valid BCI (background check)
  • Keep all information confidential
  • Be reliable
  • Notify the school if you can’t keep an appointment
  • Be unobtrusive
  • Discuss all concerns with your VOWS Coordinator
  • Establish a good relationship with the teacher and arrive promptly for your assignment
  • If you do not understand the assignment, ask the teacher for clarification
  • Respect the teacher’s position as classroom leader.
  • Observe proper building etiquette
  • Always sign in and out at the school office on the VOWS Sign-In Sheet
  • Always wear your VOWS button or visitor’s pass while in the school or on a field trip
  • Once your assignment is completed, please leave the school promptly
  • Restrict your activities to the duties assigned
  • Do NOT use the school telephone for personal calls or school technology for personal use
  • Do NOT answer the school telephone, even if there is no one in the office
  • Do NOT use any school equipment for personal business. 

What do VOWS do? 

VOWS may help in the following ways: 

  • Preschool & Kindergarten developmental screening
  • Tutoring – one on one or in small groups
  • Copying and preparation of teacher requested classroom materials at the Ed Tech/AV Center
  • Library/Media Assistance
  • Computer Assistance
  • Math help
  • Reading help
  • Kindergarten registration assistance
  • Participate in the Heads Up Program; Anti Bullying programs for second graders
  • Word Works: Helps children in Grades K-4 with Language arts skills for children
  • Handwriting without tears: Helps children practice their letters and handwriting

How does VOWS work? 

VOWS recruits, coordinates, and in specific instances, trains volunteers for Teacher-requested and Teacher-supervised activities within every elementary school and some secondary schools. It operates during school hours from September through June, with some special “family” events on holidays or evenings. All volunteers are approved by and accountable to the school Principal and the VOWS Executive Director.

What is a VOWS Coordinator? 

Each school building has a volunteer who serves as a Coordinator of Volunteer Services for that school. The Coordinator is recruited, trained and supervised by VOWS’ Executive Director. The VOWS Coordinator serves as a liaison between the volunteers and the school, and works closely with the building Principal on all volunteer assignments. The Coordinator is also responsible for maintaining and reporting the records of all volunteer activities within the school. The VOWS Coordinator is responsible for keeping all assignments in the strictest confidence.

How is the VOWS program managed? 

Please see our Contact Us page for contact information.