VOWS Mission & Philosophy

VOWS mission is to provide opportunities for meaningful family involvement through centrally directed, trained and managed pool of volunteers whose primary focus is meeting the educational needs of Warwick’s Public School students and whose guiding philosophy is respect for their privacy. 


What all VOWS have in common is a love for children combined with a commitment to public education. VOWS are trained to have the deepest respect for children’s privacy. CONFIDENTIALITY is the guiding principal behind all service. VOWS are not to be placed in THEIR child’s classroom when they volunteer in a direct educational capacity in order to insure the confidentiality of all children. VOWS are encouraged to be punctual, reliable and know they are accountable.

VOWS Goals

  • To effectively and accountably direct and coordinate volunteer activities and programs within the Warwick Public Schools;
  • To help meet the educational needs of individual students by working cooperatively with Teachers and Principals to recruit and coordinate appropriate volunteers who can help meet those needs;
  • To expand communication between the home, our schools and the community; and To provide for and support the growth of volunteers within the school system .